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Villa Dreucici

Gothic Celebration at The Dreucici Citadel

Time Schedule

00.00 Arrival of guests, situation

  • visitors are leaving the buses directly at the gate to the big yard which is illuminated by torches and few electric lights
  • visitors are passing the wooden cage hung on the tree with a ´prisoner´ in
  • visitors are passing live animals at stables (horses, sheep, goats, donkey) – they can feed them with prepared vegetables
  • publican/innkeeper is welcoming the guests and inviting them to proceed closer to see the handicrafts
  • at the big yard there are prepared some handicrafts´ stands and fires at the fire baskets
    : the baker is offering homemade pancakes from the ´medieval´ owen
    : black smith is forging
  • covered passages at the big yard are illuminated and the audio music is on
  • maids and servants (dressed in ´medieval´ costumes) are offering welcome drink
  •  the moving gate to the small yard is closed

00.20 Start of the banquet in the interior of the mediaeval inn

  • costumed servants are lighting the torches at the small yard and after opening the gate, publican/innkeeper is inviting all guests to enter the inn
  •  maids are helping the guests to put on medieval capes at the prepared cloackroom
  • guests are taking their seats at ´medieval´ tables (seated on the covered benches - 4 persons on each bench)
  • *maids are giving each guest a present (leather sachet with a medieval coin inside, logo of the company is on one side of the coin, the other side is a replica of the coin from the year 1052 - the year of the first written notice of the Drevcici Citadel)

00.30 Opening the dinner and the main program (passive part)

  • guests are sitting at the tables, eating starters, drinking and watching the prepared program
  • program starts with gypsy dance to the old Bohemian music, then guests can listen to medieval musicians
  • program continues with individual performances of clowns with ´horses´ (two clowns dressed as knights with big horse puppets showing the ´horseriding´ school), juggler is showing the juggling with different objects, magician is showing his magics, fencers are showing the fencing, dancers are dancing the court gothic dances, fire eater is showing his performance, lady with the snake is showing the dance with snake (the performances are very short, without need to concentrate on – guests are talking, eating and drinking, in the breaks between individual performances medieval musicians are playing)
  • publican/innkeeper together with dancers are inviting guests to learn one court dance

02. 00 Further program (active part)

  • at the end of the passive program publican/innkeeper is announcing the chance to participate in games

04.00 onclusion of the medieval program, further possibilities

  • * fire show at the big yard (one of the guests using the throwing machine is throwing the fired ball into the pentagram, the ball light the fire in the pentagram and then slowly fires the name of the client's company on the prepared table)
  • *dancing in a prepared ´disco´ (lights and fog, music of 60th, 70th, 80th and 90th)

Departure of the guests

  • guests are giving back the ´period costumes´ and are leaving the inn

Medieval Handycrafts

(Journeyman is trying to forge)

Gingerbread maker
(Journeyman is trying to decorate the gingerbread)

(Journeyman is trying to work on a typical kickwheel)

(Journeyman is baking the original traditional pancakes)

(Journeyman is trying to tinker)

Spinner lady
(Journeyman is trying to spin)

(Journeyman is trying to produce shingle)

Animal breeder
(Journeyman is taking care of the animals)

(Journeyman is producing the armour and guns for the nobels)

(Journeyman is trying to write old letters)

Medieval skis (on 4 person skis on a pre-defined track, one person stands on skis facing the other 3 participants of the team, all team members hold each other by their shoulders and move forward by lifting simultaneously left and right leg – front team member gives them instructions which leg to lift: left – right)

(medieval form of rolling the marble down a track, without falling it into an opening),

Battle with a shaft
(on a battle field with ragged weapons and wooden shields, first 3 hits win),

Throwing "soft" balls
(throwing balls into the face of the ´Fools´ King´),

Hammering nails
(who hammers the nail into the tree stump first),

Tug-of-war in a loop
(game of concentration, the attendant forms pressure on the wrist of the participant, who has his hand put through the loop and cannot touch the top or bottom of the loop),

Dressing in an armour on time
(who gets dressed in the armour first),

(the team that topples more pins in one throw wins),

(the participant who gets first to the designated finish wins)

Tug-of-war with the rope
(teams try to pull their opponent over the line)

Menu to choice

Welcome drink: during arrival of the guests.
Mead (honey liquer)*Becherovka (herb liquer)*Plum brandy*Fruit bowl with alcohol*
*Fruit bowl without alcohol

Appetisers: titbits and delicatessen.
Savory flaky pastry* Savory flaky pastry (sausage, spinach, cheese filling)*
Cheese rolls*Pancakes with honey, plum jam, nuts *
Fresh home-made lard, scraps, onion, bread*
Pickled cheeses*Pickled cheeses on a stick*Fresh vegetables*
Pickled vegetable*Slices of cheese with ham*
Chicken roll with fruit*
Rostbeef roll with asparagus*
Kiwi with roqueforte mousse*
Baked red pepper with garlic in oil*
Pepper with creamy cheese stuffing*
Mozzarella with cherry tomatos*
Chicken salad with cherry tomatos*
Cheese salad with celery and radishes*
Small fried chicken cutlets*
Raw salmon with toast*

Starters: soup - served to tables.
Potato soup with mushrooms served in bread*
Thick vegetable soup*
Chicken noodle soup /broth/*

For satisfaction of belly as well as eyes: meats and vegetables - main course.
Slices of grilled poultry on a stick /no bones/*
Slices of tom turkey with bacon and plum- jam sauce*
Slices of grilled pork on a stick /no bones/*
Slices of pork meat with apples on white wine*
Slices of grilled mutton with rosemary*
Ham with horseradish*
Chicken meat with dried apples and creamy curry sauce*
Vegetables on a stick (Parisian carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, romanesco, Brussels sprouts)*

Extras: served to tables in bowls.
Baked potatoe quarters* bread*
Mashed potatoes with onion*

Desserts: served on tables.
Home made cakes (flaky pastry with apples, walnuts and cinnamon/with plum jam)*
Fruit dumplings, whipped cream*
Plate of fresh fruit*
Dried fruits on a stick*

Not to be thirsty: Beverages - in jugs set on tables and replenished
White wine
Red wine
Beer (Pilsner 10°)
Mineral water

For a better mood: alcoholic beverages.
Alcoholic beverages mentioned in offer list on request

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